Roxanne J. Williams is the president and program manager for all program & operational activity at Urban Ed.  She wears many hats serving as the COO, CFO, CTO as well as  co-facilitating with the instructional team and plays supportive roles to the career coach & enrollment team in helping to keep every student on track through the ongoing development of evaluation & automation. Roxanne has 15 technical certifications and over 25 years of community, youth development and technical experience that includes grassroots economic development work, workforce development work, training development work and managing youth economic development projects throughout the country. She has also held IT positions leading IT departments and critical IT functions in several government contractor companies serving the Department of Defense, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission. Roxanne holds a Master of Science degree in Training and Organizational Development and was recognized internationally as a Salzburg Fellow for her commitment, passion and outcomes-driven youth and community development work. Her focus is leading Urban Ed towards its vision, ensuring high level outcomes towards its mission, and bridging strategic guidance to the staff as she grows the organization. Roxanne built Urban Ed from the ground up and her visions for sustainability and dedication to residents of the DMV, particularly youth have been the force behind the quality success of Urban Ed. Community members admire her attention to their individual needs, her “keeping it real”, soft but stern approach and her genuine inspiration for all people in the community to succeed.