Managing Director

Violet Browne is our Managing Director providing oversight & support for key organizational functions under the roles of a COO and CFO. She has 15 years of commitment to Urban Ed starting as a volunteer a year before becoming fulltime. She is responsible for career coaching, supporting the business essentials training, and the management of the mentoring and corporate volunteer process as well as supporting our truancy programs with youth. She is also a part of the management team responsible for grant progress and financial expenditure tracking and monitoring. Violet comes to Urban Ed from the corporate and human resource management arena with over 16 years of experience in the management of human capital where she excelled in corporate America always being promoted to management levels within less than a year of service to the companies she worked for. Violet’s compassion for change, nurturing spirit, and organizational skills are key qualities in helping those we serve stay on track with reaching their individual goals and stay the course of completing our training program. She has served as the lead mentor inspiring our participants to keep their eyes on the prize and manage their day-to-day lives in a more productive and constructive manner. She is instrumental in Urban Ed meeting its goals and ensuring resources and supports are in place for every participant we serve. Violet brings a diverse and myriad skill set to the table and she is also a certified HR professional.