In an effort to bring a diverse spectrum of knowledge, expertise and energy to guide us toward achieving our goals, Urban Ed has a corporate Advisory Committee. The committee is represented by major Fortune 500 corporations, small and mid-size businesses and educational institutions that help us by:

  • Linking our organization to companies that can supplement and/or complement our efforts
  • Providing information on technology and general workplace skills needed by employees
  • Offering feedback about our curriculum to ensure it meets industry needs and the special needs of our target constituents
  • Being active participants in on-the-job training by allowing our program participants to work on special projects within their companies as appropriate
  • Sharing job openings with Urban Ed and being aggressive in identifying placement opportunities for our participants
  • Bringing their knowledge and commitment to our efforts

We are in the process of identifying strong leadership for our committee, and seeking eight new members. If you can’t serve in the board of directors capacity but would like to consider an advisory role we would like to hear from you. If you are interested in developing youth and the unemployed for technology careers, developing strategies for assisting corporations with personnel issues or wish to be a part of an innovative social and economic initiative, we invite you to be a part of our Advisory Committee. For more information and to explore the possibilities, contact us at 202-610-2344 or email our President Roxanne Williams, at