April's Success Story

I had been interested in IT for a while and had some experience, but didn’t have the costly certifications that I needed to get a job in the field. I was working at the Department of Energy as receptionist; I felt like I was stuck at a stop sign. I was seeking help with getting certifications and found Urban Ed online. What I really liked about Urban Ed is that they not only educated you in the classroom and helped you to get the certifications, but they also gave me hands-on experience, which really made a difference. In fact, Urban Ed’s program was so good that my first job was Tier 3, which is the top level of IT Support at a Help Desk; that’s really cool. Because of Urban Ed, I was able to afford my IT training that has allowed me to get a great job in the field I want, and if everything goes right, I’ll have two more certifications finished before the end of the year.