Omari Francis

STEMAcad Club Coordinator / IT Instructor

Omari Francis is Urban Ed’s STEMAcad Coordinator and one of the IT Instructors. He is part of the instructional team on cloud computing, IT support and foundational studies in technology at Urban Ed. Omari also leads Urban Ed’s vocational efforts with middle and high school youth. Omari has committed over 15 years of his professional career serving youth and families in the Washington, DC area. During that time Omari gained a wealth of knowledge and experience through roles with the DC Child and Family Services Agency, and other local citywide Family Strengthening Collaboratives assisting with the development & implementation of community-based programs focused on youth mentorship, life-skills training, and career development. He has also aided with the social/emotional and educational development of children & youth who reside in therapeutic and/or psychiatric facilities helping them bridge to higher-end functioning in society to include jobs & careers. After transitioning to the IT field, Omari was able to merge his passion for community service with his growing passion for information technology within his current role with Urban Ed.